Construction of Australia’s Tallest Prefab Hotel


You might be used to installing modulars or prefab units on gas plant or industrial sites. But this hotel is being assembled by mods and making it one of Australia's tallest hotels.   This time-lapse video shows how it all came together.

Top 10 Future Projects in the USA


From Sea Walls, to Dams, to Bullet Trains and more.  Here are the top 10 projects to watch out for that will be starting soon in the US.  Some of these projects are amazing new firsts for the US and will create tons of new jobs for all trade workers but also make major infrastructure improvements.

Electrical Braker Box Explodes!


This video is a great example of what not to do.  This worker over charges this electrical box which ends up exploding.  Hopefully he was wearing the proper personal protective equipment, fire retardant coveralls and gloves to protect him from the blast. But things don't look good.  We hope he's ok.

New Edmonton Bridge


Local 720 Edmonton Ironworkers assisted by 955 O/E Crane operators assemble a new bridge.  Watch as each piece gets put into place with the use of rigging, slings, wrenches while workers are far above ground.  This video shows a great deal of the bridge being assembled.

Welding Cam

There's something very satisfying about watching this welding Camera.  They say a welder is half skill and half art.  What are your thoughts? Do welders also have an artistic touch to things?  What is your favorite type of welding?  TIG, Stick, MAG, or Aluminum?

How Not to Collapse a Building

Watch as this excavator pounds away at the support beams of this building.  A controlled demolition would be best, or even pulling the support beams out with cables so the equipment could be at a safer distance.  Hopefully this worker made it out ok.

Connecting on Beam


Watch as this Ironworker receives incoming I beams will standing ontop of a beam.  Equipped with is fall arrest lanyard and PPE he will soon grab the beams and bolt them in place.  Some people will find this type of work scary but these guys are right at home and love this stuff.

Services the George Washington Bridge


This article is so amazing is actually made the news. Watch as these workers repaint the George Washington Bridge.  This job usually takes a year to repaint.  Watch as these workers climb, slide, and repel from different sections of the bridge to get the work done.

Working on top of the John Hancock Building


Incredible view for these Ironworkers in downtown Chicago as they service the top of the John Hancock Building radio tower. With a welding torch, these workers are changing an I beam at the top of the tower.

Road builders of America


Here's a big shout out to the road builders of America. These guys operate everything from steam rollers, asphalt layers, gravel trucks, graders and a lot more. Without them, there wouldn't be any roads, bridges or tunnels.