Privacy | Legals

Privacy | Legals

Our privacy policy follows and complies with the strict guidelines as outlined by the CAN-SPAM act.  We ensure that all emails you receive from are 100% compliant with the CAN-SPAN act.

  • You will receive emails only in agreement with the permission granted upon your subscription
  • Your email will never be shared with a 3rd party
  • You will only receive content that you signed up for
  • You (at any time) will be able to unsubscribe from our contact lists through the ‘unsubscribe link’ that can found on the emails that are received. This action will unsubscribe you from our list.

Why do we collect your email address?

  • to provide you with emails regarding current offers available to the public/members in regards to specific websites/businesses
  • to understand your likings/dis-likings
  • to understand conversions regarding current offers
  • to increase/progress our business

Why would we email you?

Through the email address that you provided on this site, we email information to you about services, offers, and promotions regarding content.

Analytic Software utilizes analytic software to track how visitors found our site, how long our visitors remain on our site, and among other things, what users clicked while visiting our site.  We do this to best understand how to make our site the most relevant to the public.  The non-personalized data that is collected on our site is through analytic software.  We use this in information to help us better understand our marketing and advertising campaigns. Cookies and web-beacons can be utilized to achieve desired metrics.

Click Through Websites

When a visitor of clicks through to a website that is not a entity, we (for obvious reasons) cannot speak to or control the privacy policies of these sites.


As the internet and the laws that pertain to the use of internet (as a dynamic entity) are constantly changing, please check back from time to time to see any modifications that we have made to our privacy policy.